Our Treaty

We are in Stage 5 of Treaty Negotiations as of October 12, 2018.

A great part of our negotiations is working to present the best case scenario for our members, for our future generations, and in honour of our ancestors. We have been negotiating treaty since 1995. We have perservered, and we are working hard to meet the changing needs and political landscapes that have come across to us.

Our Treaty Negotiation Team works hard to ensure that British Columbia and Canada meet or exceed our expectations. They are knowledgeable and led by the decisions, values, and concerns of our communities.

Our negotiations will lead to the Final Agreement, a legally binding document that will protect our rights and the rights of our children through the Constitution of Canada.

Learn about your treaty and how it is different from those that have come before, and those that will come again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Memorandum of Understanding

What’s in our treaty?

Land and Capital Transfer



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