Why Treaty Now?

“We cannot protect what we have unless we have a treaty, in my view. It’s the best protection we have against the erosion of our rights.”

Xwelixweltel (Grand Chief Steven Point)

As of October 2018, SXTA is in Stage 5 of treaty negotiations. Our communities are one step closer to a vote on our groundbreaking Treaty.

Our Treaty Principles:

  • We will not extinguish our Aboriginal rights and title to any part of S’ólh Téméxw
  • We maintain our existing Status rights to medical and other benefits
  • We will increase our lands by over 1,000 percent
  • We will get $150 million as a lump sum
  • We will also get additional funds to buy more land
  • We will be self-governing.

Planned Timeline: Constitution vote in Fall 2019 and Treaty vote in Fall 2020.

Why are we in Treaty?

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