Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw Híkw Lálém (Government)

The Swōqw’elh (Blanket) that our Si:yá:m (leaders) wear, represents governance. Our Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw Híkw Lálém (Government), as described in our Constitution, will eventually replace the Indian Act. Click the image to learn more about the different parts of our government. 

The pattern on the Swōqw’elh (blanket) was designed by Chief Terry Horne. The red represents Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw and the black represents the other governments of Canada. The meeting of the two colours in the middle represents collaboration with mutual respect.

What does Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw Self-Government Look Like?
What does Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw Self-Government mean to me?

“We need to show the world that we have the ability to govern ourselves and develop the institutions that are going to deliver services to our community members.”

Skw’omkw’emexw Grand Chief Joe Hall

Creating a government is an essential part of our treaty process, said Grand Chief Joe Hall. Governance is the overarching structure in which we create policies and laws. Services and programs that our  communities find meaningful are created based on these laws. Services currently delivered will continue and may be enhanced under our new Stó:lō Xwexwilmexw Híkw Lálém.

Our Shxwelméxwelh/Constitution lays out the division of powers between our National and Village Governments. If our Shxwelméxwelh/ Constitution is approved it will provide general guidelines for all our future laws (justice, education, environment, children and family legislation and more).

THE NEXT STEP after the Constitution vote is a Self-Government Agreement that will provide funds and
enable our National Government to form in advance of a full Treaty that includes land and more cash and consistent funding.


We Heard Your Thoughts about Your Constitution. Check out the Community Input Report and the changes we made!

Please check out the Community Public Input Report and the changes made to the Constitution based on your input in our Constitution News Bulletin or contact us via email:, phone: 604 824 3281 or Facebook @TheSXTA.