WHAT ARE WE VOTING ON? Shxwelméxwelh means the Stó:lō way and is our word for constitution. Our Constitution describes who we are, what is important to us, and how our teachings (s’í:wes) will inform our own government.

“The Constitution itself is not a treaty. It is an important SXTA-based initiative that factors into our readiness to take over governing ourselves. It will support our ability to develop our own government and law-making powers within the treaty process.”

Siyémches Chief Terry Horne of Yeqwyeqwí:ws/ Yakweakwioose

WHY VOTE? To determine if the six communities of the Stó:lō Xwexwílmexw Treaty Association (SXTA) approve the Shxwelméxwelh (Constitution) of the Stó:lō Xwexwílmexw.

Our Journey to Nationhood is about protecting and exercising our inherent rights. A key part of our work was drafting our Shxwelméxwelh/Constitution.  Our community members provided critical input into its creation. Our communities also has the power to approve this work as a guiding document and foundation for our future Stó:lō Xwexwílmexw Government. We have come a long way on the path to Nationhood and are working together to continue our journey – one step at a time.

This last year we set a high bar for ourselves and asked that at least 50 percent of our community members (of voting age) cast their ballot on our Shxwelméxwelh in November 2020. We were pleased by the results of the vote, as the vast majority of those who voted said yes to this step on our path to self-governance.

We met the quorum we set for ourselves in two of our communities. In 2021, we are asking the remaining four communities continue with the process of addressing their specific interests and needs for supporting our Shxwelméxwelh.  Our vision for our future government is that our villages remain strong and look after their own matters and that we share in managing jurisdictions that are too large for one small group to take on themselves. We are also striving to build relations among Stó:lō First Nations and Tribes through our ongoing engagements with our relatives and neighbors.

The Revised Constitution

Click on the above image to review the Revised Constitution.

The vote is being held in order to determine if the Voters of the six communities of the Stó:lō Xwexwílmexw Treaty Association (SXTA) approve the Constitution (Shxwelméxwelh) of the Stó:lō Xwexwílmexw.