Why Are We In Treaty?

“We cannot protect what we have unless we have a treaty, in my view. It’s the best protection we’ve got against the erosion of our rights.” – Xwelixweltel (Grand Chief Steven Point)

“150 years ago, 7 generations, our leaders dealt with what is known as the land question, our oral history, our Sqwélqwel recalls the crown’s promise of 1864, now today in the spirit of our ancestors we are moving forward to deal with those historic questions those promises and recognition of our aboriginal rights and title through the BC Treaty Process.” – Siyémches (Grand Chief Frank Malloway)

We are continuing the work of our ancestors who pursued treaty after the Crown’s Promise of 1864, as it clarifies the Land Question. For over 150 years, we have been fighting for protection of our Stó:lō Aboriginal rights and title.

We Want:

  • Out from under the Indian Act
  • Self-governance
  • Community well-being
  • Protection of our lands, culture and heritage
  • Self-sufficiency

Read more in our Why Treaty Now? brochure