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The first volume of Kw’í:tsel, created by SXTA Outreach and the youth group X-SYTE, came out in 2012. Since then, we’ve learned that when a person is named for an animal an ending must be added to the Halq’eméylem word. Kw’í:ts’téleq begins where the original story left off. . .

Follow our hero as he escapes residential school and goes on a journey to learn from the ancestors about ways our communities can work together.

Volume 2, Issue 4 & 5

Working Together

SPECIAL FOLD OUT DOUBLE ISSUE: After listening to the ancestors at I:yem, Kw’í:ts’téleq learns that six Stó:lō communities are working together on a plan to gain control over their own lives. They want to build a governance system and create their own laws on their territory. The eagle brings the draft Constitution to YOU for a vote on Nov. 4-14, 2020.

Story: Jazmine Horne and Theresa Warbus

Artist: Melissthe land.a Kendzierski

Distributed in November 2020

Volume 2, Issue 3

The Long Journey

Kw’í:ts’téleq discovers that his home is not the inside of a residential school, but a vast area of trees and rivers. He and his father travel through the territory and he learns about the deep connections his people have to the land.

Story: Jazmine Horne and Theresa Warbus

Artist: Melissa Kendzierski

Distributed in October 2020

Volume 2, Issue 2


The bear tells the boy, who thinks his name is Michael Phillips, that his name is really Kw’í:ts’téleq, (Grizzly Bear).

Distributed August 2020

Volume 2, Issue 1

The Escape

A boy runs away from residential school and stops to rest.

Story: Jazmine Horne and Theresa Warbus

Artist: Melissa Kendzierski

Distributed in May 2020

Volume One 

Kw’í:tsel’s story begins with the creation of S’olh Temexw, our world…
Artist: Ovi Spinu
Ink, Colour and Layout: Ronnie Dean Harris
Story: Theresa Point, Joy Hall and X-Syte

Produced 2012