S02E08 Ma:mt’ lam te mekw wat. “Share with everybody.”

Guests:            Naxaxalhts’i Dr. Albert (Sonny) McHalsie

When Stó:lō Elder Elizabeth Herrling told Sonny McHalsie that knowledge is only important when you share that you could be the smartest person in the world and know everything, but if you don’t share it, it’s meaningless it set him on a path to become the Nation’s historian.

In this eighth episode, listen in as Naxaxalhts’i shares stories about his work recording Elders, learning history and why he thinks that all Stó:lō need to hear what he has learned.

S2EP Podcast notes

Stó:lō Signal Season 2
Stó:lō Signal Season 2
S02E08 Ma:mt' lam te mekw wat. "Share with everybody."

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