S02E02 Shxw’eywelh mestiyexw: A generous person

The ancient beliefs of Stó:lō people are layered throughout the land and language. This season, we will explore a set of Halq’eméylem principles that Naxaxalhts’i Sonny McHalsie has written down. Through his work recording oral history and language with Elders over the last several decades, he’s identified key phrases that have been repeated time and time again. These principles could be considered the guiding laws for our Stó:lō Way of Life.

In this second episode of the season we explore: Shxw’eywelh mestiyexw “A generous person.” This teaching recalls not only the story of xepá​:y, a generous man who was transformed into a cedar tree, but the idea that knowledge is only important when you share it. Thank you to our guests for their generosity.

Guests: Iyoxweliya Val Joe and Naxaxalhts’i Sonny McHalsie

Episode 2 Podcast Notes

Stó:lō Signal Season 2
Stó:lō Signal Season 2
S02E02 Shxw'eywelh mestiyexw: A generous person

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