Notice of Ratification

TO: ALL ELIGIBLE VOTERS OF Áthelets (Aitchelitz), Ch’iyáqtel (Tzeachten), Leq’á:mel (Lakahamen), Sq’ewá:lxw (Skawahlook), Sq’ewqéyl (Skowkale), and Yeqwyeqwí:ws (Yakweakwioose) First Nations.

TAKE NOTICE that a Ratification Vote will be held in accordance with the Stó:lō Xwexwílmexw Treaty Association (SXTA) Ratification Voting Procedures from Friday, November 13, 2020, to Saturday, November 14, 2020, in order to determine if the Voters of the six member First Nations of the Stó:lō Xwexwílmexw Treaty Association (SXTA) approve the Constitution (Shxwelméxwelh) of the Stó:lō Xwexwílmexw. The results of the Ratification Vote will be announced on November 15. To see more click here. Or go to

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